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A pedagogical tool for second language professors around the world to design authentic speaking activities for their students.

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Authentic speaking practice and exposure to different accents

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Meaningful conversation topics and summary|vocabulary logs

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Building bridges between cultures around the world in a safe learning environment

How it works

Worldchat.live Education connects second language teachers around the world to design speaking activities for their students in a safe learning environment.

Worldchat.live Education is easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

1.Find a teacher partner & design discussion questions; 2.Pair your students up ; 3.Let your students do the talking!

As students’ video chat conversations are recorded for safety and evaluation purposes, both professors and students can track their progress.

Worldchat.live benefits

for teachers

Your needs are unique and we know you are busy

Tailored teacher matching service and personalized support as we help you find a colleague around the globe with similar group features and a common pedagogical vision. Plus, our automated features will help save you precious time!

You need to know what is going on – and so do we

You can track student progress and access recordings on a secure educational platform that is GDRP compliant with a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior.

It is the 21st century

You will provide your students with authentic speaking practice, help them open their mind to the world, and do so in a global learning environment that is structured yet fun and interactive.

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Worldchat.live Education allows second language students to verbally communicate in an authentic context with fellow students across the globe to improve their command of the language.

What students & teachers are saying


“Our experience with Worldchat.live has been a great success for the entire student community I proudly represent in my university, and it has been a great honor to participate in this wonderful academic experience. On behalf of my students, I want to thank you for making us part of this amazing way of using English as a language for international communication and a resource to expand their cultural horizons despite physical distance between them. It is amazing to know that our curriculum can go beyond the classroom due to these innovating ideas among teachers who care about their students’ success!”

Christian, Costa Rican teacher


“I liked that we could talk with another person from another culture who speaks a totally different language; this has definitely increased my personal knowledge. It has helped me to be more confident when speaking in my second language, and it gave me the opportunity to practice my speaking skills in English. Overall, it has helped expand my general culture – plus, I made a new friend and we are still in touch!”

Emy-Li, Canada


“I really liked being able to discover a different culture as I was matched with a partner from the other side of the world; it was like taking a virtual trip for a while! The authentic conversation setting has helped me to get used to speaking English as a second language, and I also learned new words as well as expressions that can be used in my everyday life. Chatting with my partner has also helped me become more fluent in my second language and I am proud we were able to understand each other despite our differences; in fact, we are still friends and plan on visiting each other one day!”

Julien, Réunion Island


“Respecting cultural differences plays an important role in bringing us together. I liked to use Worldchat because there are a lot of helpful features, like the chat, the questions list on the conversation page. Speaking with someone from another country has also helped me learn in several ways, including feeling more confident when I speak. I also instantly knew when I made a pronunciation mistake because my partner would tell me she was not able to understand. So I tried to explain again using different words, which means that our vocabulary skills also improved and got more accurate.”

Hieu Nguyen, Vietnam


“I want to thank you for the partnerships that bring excellent opportunities for my students to experience new cultures and make new friends. Many of my students would like to rejoin the projects in the future.

I also gained valuable experiences from this project, especially how to better manage my students.

Worlchat.live is a useful platform for my students to improve their language skills as well as for me to check my students' progress.

What I like most about Worldchat.live is that I can rewatch my student's recordings and see how they worked. Besides, the way to use Worldchat.live is very simple and teachers around the world can easily find enthusiastic partner teachers and set up their own partnerships.”

Tra, Vietnamese teacher


“Having a discussion in my second language about something other than how you're doing or how your day has been has actually allowed me to learn new words in an authentic context. This experience has also given me the opportunity to learn more about a different country and its culture, especially in terms of its landscapes, school system, food, festivals and more.”

Sam, Canada


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